" Foxgrove Horse Health and Riding Centre"

Holistic Horse Health, Agistment and Horse Riding Lessons

Welcome to Foxgrove Horse Health and Riding Centre

Foxgrove can provide you with a wide variety of Holistic Horse Health, Agistment and Horse Riding Lessons. Wether you are going away and need somebody to look after your steeds or you would just like your horse to have some special pampering we can cater for your needs.  Here we believe in horse training as a whole horse approach. Have a healthy horse, have a happy horse to train.

Horse Riding Lessons and Clinics are run by Tamara Fox, ex all Level HRCAV judge and ex eventing competitor and dressage rider.  Tamara has had over 20 years of experience teaching and competing.  Winning many Championships up to and including Medium Dressage and Advanced HRCAV.  Using a combination of  traditional and natural horsemanship, Tamara has had much success with confidence building with levels of riders ranging from beginners to Medium EA.

Agistment Options include private to shared paddocks and or yards.  Long or short term.  With or without much feed.  We have kept horses in mind when fencing our property, with all fences consisting of double electric. Any steel posts have long white caps and the smaller paddocks consist of either bayco and equibraid or Post and rail with electric turbo braid.  We can offer convalescent care for the sick, injured or recovering horse, including laminitis and cushings horses. Paddocks range from ½ acre to 17 acres.  We are also in the process of building some stables. With a hope of having at least 3 ready by this winter.

We cover many options of healing, recovery and health modalities to cover all bases in getting to the heart of a happy healthy horse.   Therapies include:  Equine Tension Release Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger point therapy, Reiki, and Cranio Sacral. Programs can be set up for recovery or preventative care that can include stretches, herbs, Massage, Tissue salts, Bach or Bush Flower remedies. Other forms of energy healing are also available through other practitioners.   We can also help the rider in many of these areas.